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Ylleanna's accessories and jewelry are thought for women and men who love simplicity and minimalist style.

Original and simple designs with charming details proudly handmade by me, Anna Nuvoloni, in my studio based in Biella, Italy.

My town is an important wool processing and textile centre where most notable menswear brands are born. Here there are worldwide famous woolen fabric mills supplying their products to premier suit makers and tailors. 

My goal is to have a craftsmanship product made taking great care in details and in the meantime environmentally friendly. My packaging is handmade by me with 100% recyclable materials.

I enjoy looking for high quality materials in fabric mills of my town to offer the best to my customers and help them to be stylish and to stand out from the crowd respecting the environment in which we live. 
I often give a second life to textile swatches and scraps. My second love are japanese fabrics and I like to mix and match them to create few or one of a kind pieces.
Also yarn is sourced in my town. Items made from wool anc cotton are available in many colors.

My packaging is 100% recyclable because is made with paper. Boxes are made with recycled paper.

Why Ylleanna? Because I was looking for a simple name combinig my name Anna to the word wool.
I looked for the translation of the word wool in many languages and I found the Swedish word "Ylle". 
I liked the sound of this word linked to my name : Ylleanna.

Feel free to contact me for custom orders 

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